Citrulline the King of Pump

January 11, 2019 / General, Supplements
Citrulline the King of Pump

Citrulline is an amino acid that was first found in watermelon.It is considered nonessential, meaning that your body can naturally produce some on its own.However, you can increase your levels by eating foods containing citrulline or by taking dietary supplements, rather than relying on your body’s production alone.

Citrulline Malate – The King of Pump

Citrulline has important roles in the body, but unlike some amino acids, it is not used to build proteins.However, it plays a necessary part in the urea cycle, which rids your body of harmful compounds. Specifically, the urea cycle removes ammonia from the body. The final product of this cycle is urea, which your body gets rid of in urine.

Citrulline can also help widen your blood vessels and may play a role in muscle building through its effect on Nitric Oxide (NO) levels this is commonly referred to as vasodilation (Muscle pump).Vasodilation refers to the widening of arteries or veins. It’s associated with lower blood pressure and increased blood flow.

After citrulline is consumed, some is converted to another amino acid called arginine. Arginine is converted into a molecule called nitric oxide, which causes vasodilation of blood vessels by relaxing the smooth muscle cells that constrict them. Interestingly, consuming citrulline may increase arginine in the body more than consuming arginine itself. This is because of differences in how the body processes and absorbs arginine and citrulline.

The increase in nitric oxide and blood flow may be one of the processes involved in citrulline’s beneficial effects on exercise performance. Although citrulline isn’t an amino acid used directly to build proteins, it has been shown to increase protein synthesis by stimulating an important signalling pathway involved in muscle building.

Citrulline may also reduce the liver’s uptake of certain amino acids like BCAAs, and prevent their breakdown. Through these dual effects on protein synthesis and amino acid breakdown, it may contribute to maintaining or increasing muscle mass.

Types of Citrulline Supplements

There are two major forms of citrulline in dietary supplements:

L-citrulline: This simply refers to citrulline by itself, with nothing else attached.

Citrulline malate: This refers to the combination of citrulline and another compound called malate, which is important for energy production).

While the two forms of may produce some similar effects, citrulline malate is more common in sports supplements.

Other Health Benefits

Citrulline may also help increase the rise in growth hormone (GH) seen after exercise.

The post-exercise rise in GH and other hormones may be involved in the beneficial adaptations your body experiences when you exercise. The amino acid may also improve erections in men with erectile dysfunction, probably through its ability to increase blood flow.

How Much Should You Take?

Based on current research, a recommended dose is 3–6 grams per day of L-citrulline or approximately 8 grams per day of citrulline malate. The dose varies depending on form because 1.75 grams of citrulline malate provides 1 gram of L-citrulline. The remaining 0.75 grams is malate.

Straight Citrulline or Citrulline malate?

There is an ongoing debate to which version is better. The only difference between the two powders is you get less total citrulline with the Citrulline Malate. However Malate has numerous other benefits in sports performance and it has also been shown to enhance the effects of Branch Chain Amino Acids as well!

We chose to use Citrulline Malate based on the research available, and with the synergistic effects of the two ingredients.


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